Friday, 9 January 2015

A Bunch Of Mates Looking For Dates

Meet the LTM Crew:
(top left to bottom right)
Luke Taylor (Boot Action), London, Jake Waters (Boot Action), Yasumo, Hey Sam, Combo, Rob Pix, Petera Tamarua (New Wave Collective), me (what am I looking at?!), Dom Dolla, James Fava, Lesware, Phillip Tamarua (Swisher), Torren Foot, J Heasy, Airwolf.

LTM Crew is a DJ booking agency based in Melbourne, Australia. You won't find any rockstar egos on this roster, just a bunch of blokes who love to play dance music and have a good time whilst doing so. I'd like to say a few words about each of the boys...

Airwolf - This little pocket rocket can do it all. He's an amazing DJ, producer and all round nice guy. He also runs a fantastic photography blog called Airwolf Paradise. Check out his signature disco-filter-house style HERE. Also, keep an eye out for a cheeky collab from Airwolf and I in the near future!

Boot Action - These 2 lads have been making some serious waves as of late. Seemingly emerging from nowhere, Luke Taylor and Jake Waters have released 2 absolute bombs via Sweat It Out as well as a string of remixes. Their remix for Crooked Colours (listen HERE) still gets a workout in most of my sets. Boot Action is definitely a name to keep your eye on in 2015. 

Combo - What a bloody reptile... This young chap loves nothing more than punching durries, drinking cans and writing tunes. Bowen is always the first one to get right amongst the party, and that's why I love him. He's a versatile producer who can write funky tech house, balls-to-the-wall bangers and everything in between. HERE is his latest remix of an old favourite of mine; "All This Love".

Dom Dolla - I've been following Dom's work for a number of years now, and I've always admired his production skills. He has great work ethic and is a real perfectionist, which definitely shows in his music. Not only a talented musician, Dom is one of the best graphic designers in the country. It's been great to see him put the design work on hold for a while to pursue music, and finally get the credit he deserves! Click HERE to listen to the thumper of a remix he did for my boy Benson. 

Hey Sam - Sammy has been a mate of mine since we met many moons ago. He has a passion for house music and has been releasing tunes through his very own record label "Jump To This" since 2011. An extremely hard working DJ/producer who consistently delivers the goods. It's hard not to love Sammy... he's friendly, approachable and doesn't mind a beer or two. A true man of the people. Check out his & Torren Foot's remix of Seven Nation Army HERE.

J Heasy - This self-proclaimed "King of the West" loves taking his shirt off, Tinder, crowd surfing and taking selfies with his dog. Jokes aside, Heasy can play a party set like no other and is someone you can always rely on to set a room on fire. It's not all fun and games, he is head of events/marketing at Mynt Thursdays and does a heap of work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Check out his aptly named "Bogan Techno Edits" HERE.

Lesware - I just really like Lesware... He is soft-spoken and humble, but boy-oh-boy can he write a tune. If you like Melbourne Bounce and you haven't heard of Lesware, do yourself a favour and jump on board right now as he's sure to kill it this year. He recently teamed up with local legend Chardy to rework the trance classic "Cocaine", listen HERE

London - Having been surrounded by music his whole life, London has a wide range of influences that attribute to a style that is all his own. I admire the fact that he has a unique approach to writing music, doesn't follow trends and is always pushing the boundary. His raw talent and creativity is evident in his dreamy collab with Stahsi (listen HERE). Mark my words, this kid is destined for greatness. 

New Wave Collective - Petera Tamarua is the main man behind NWC. Him and his brother Phillip (formerly known as SWISHER) are some of the best hip-hop DJs I've ever seen; they have a style that just oozes "cool". Petera recently started a new project that expresses his musical influences, as well as exhibits trending styles, labels and designers. Check it out HERE.

Rob Pix - Rob is an incredibly talented producer who has released music on just about every big label you could think of. He's someone I look up to for his technical ability as well as his knowledge of the industry. Check out his collab with Tom Piper titled 'Champion Sound' HERE, and stay tuned as this dude is always busy cooking up bombs in the studio. 

Torren Foot - Co-owner of Jump To This, G-House extraordinaire and all round legend. Torren had a huge year in 2014, carving his niche and defining his style. If it's four-to-the-floor panty droppers you're after, then look no further. He recently put his spin on Tiga's tune "Bugatti" (listen HERE), and this little gem is really doing the rounds right now. I sense this could be the start of big things for my man Toz, and I couldn't think of a more deserving bloke.

Yasumo - Ma boys! Arguably the most underrated of the bunch, these two gentlemen have written some of the funkiest house jams to come out of Melbourne. They are multi-instrumentalists who incorporate guitars, bass, sax and a heap of other live elements into their productions to create a style that is instantly recognisable as "Yasumo". I'm extremely excited to see what will happen when these two really knuckle down in the studio in 2015.

and last but certainly not least,
James Fava - Well well well, what can I say about this fine young man? When I grow up, I want to be James Fava. He is the brains behind LTM Crew, Love That Music, Mynt Lounge and Joe's Bar + Kitchen. He is first and foremost a great friend, and secondly he is my booking agent. After getting to know James over the last few years I've learnt that he has a heart of gold and is always willing to help those around him. I'm extremely grateful for all the time and effort that he puts into my career, as well as the 15 people pictured above. Thank you!

For more info, go to WWW.LTMCREW.COM.

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