Wednesday, 9 March 2016

DAY 1 | Melbourne to Sydney Cycle | Ride For Josh


After months of trying to prepare myself mentally and physically, the day has finally come for me to 
set off on a 1,000km cycle journey!

I started the day with my favourite smoothie that consists of 10 bananas, a generous sprinkle of chia seeds and water. Usually after I finish this smoothie I am bursting with energy, but today I felt sick. In the lead up to the ride I was reasonably calm but all of a sudden it dawned on me that I was about to hit the road with nothing more than my little pins to get me all the way to Sydney. Not to mention that hundreds of people had already donated money to the cause and were counting on me to follow through with this. There's no turning back now, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shitting myself.

After a few hours of procrastinating and triple-checking that I'd packed everything I need, I jumped on the bike at around 11:30am. As soon as I was out on the road, that anxious feeling just disappeared and I was able to enjoy the ride. It also helped that the weather was  ideal for cycling... Not too hot, not too cold, and little to no wind.

I rode through Belgrave, up and over Mt Dandenong, past the Silvan dam, down some sketchy dirt road in Mt Evelyn and up to Lilydale. From here I had a leisurely cruise through Coldstream, Yering, and eventually through the breathtakingly beautiful Yarra Glen area which is full of green rolling hills and picturesque wineries. 

From Yarra Glen I made my way past Dixons Creek, towards the most challenging section of today's ride - the long steep climb through Kinglake National Park. After I got to the top of this monster hill, it was pretty smooth sailing with only some slight ups and downs through Castella and Glenburn. The final 30km through Murrindindi and eventually into Yea was flat, with virtually unchanging scenery.

Upon arrival in Yea, I saw a nice patch of lush green grass in the town centre and decided to kick my shoes off and lay down for a while. It felt great to arrive at my destination for the day at 5pm, leaving plenty of time to relax and sort myself out. Eventually I decided I should figure out where I'm going to sleep, so I headed to the local caravan park. 

For $20 I got myself a patch of dirt to roll my bivvy bag out on, access to showers, a swimming pool and some power points to charge up my electronics. The kind lady at reception noticed that I was wearing cycling gear, asked me where I was riding to and when I told her I was riding to Sydney to raise money for my fiancé's brother who is battling with brain cancer - she instantly refunded me and insisted I stay for free. She also gave me some gold coins and laundry detergent to wash my stinky clothes. Score!

After setting up my bivvy bag/sleeping mat/sleeping bag, I locked my bike up to a nearby tree and walked down to the local Chinese restaurant. I smashed some tofu & mixed vegetables, fried rice and spring rolls. It was great to have a full stomach and feel satiated. After dinner I came back to the caravan park, dried my clothes, and now I'm sitting in the laundry with my phone plugged into the wall while writing this blog post. Oh, and there's an adorable black and white cat that keeps walking in and meowing at me so I just meow right back. 

On that note, I think it's time for me to crawl into my body bag and get some sleep. Overall it's been a perfect day with no real dramas, so fingers crossed the rest of the trip is the same!

Sweet dreams xx

DAY 1 -
Tecoma to Yea (94.5km)
Elevation gain: 1,230m
Max speed: 56.2km/h
Average speed: 23.6km/h

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