Saturday, 12 March 2016

DAY 3 & 4 | Melbourne to Sydney Cycle | Ride For Josh


I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I jumped out of bed, had a shower, chucked my clean kit on and hit the road. Only 3 or 4km into the ride, I noticed my knee was beginning to ache again. After a bit of searching around on Google, I came to the conclusion that it was the angle of my cleats (little things on the bottom of my shoe that allow me to clip in to the pedals for improved efficiency) that was causing my knee to twist in an unnatural way. I adjusted them accordingly and continued.

I noticed a laundromat and a supermarket right next to each other, so I figured this would be a good place to wash my clothes from yesterday, then get some fruit for breakfast while waiting for them to dry. After taking a ridiculous selfie or two, I hobbled back onto the bike and headed towards the Hume highway. 

Although the scenery along the Hume isn't all that exciting, it feels very safe as there is a huge shoulder on the road (the same width as the regular car lanes) and the terrain is quite flat which makes for easy riding. Also the fact that there's hundreds of motorists driving past at all hours of the day gives me peace and of mind in case anything were to go seriously wrong with the bike, or if I injured myself I could always hitch a ride to the next town.

As I exited Benalla, I went past Winton, Glenrowan and then Wangaratta. As I was approaching Wangaratta my knee was becoming almost unbearable so rather than risk permanent damage, I decided to book an acupuncture session to try and relieve the pain. I'd never had acupuncture before, but it seemed like an appropriate treatment as the pain wasn't muscular, but deep within the joint. Unfortunately I was wrong, and despite acupuncture, cupping, infrared therapy and a massage... The pain remained.

After the session at AcuHerb I got a phone call from my dad, who had just purchased a car in Sydney and was coincidentally driving back to Melbourne along the Hume Highway. He said he wanted to cross paths with me at some stage, and although I probably should've had a break I was so excited by the thought of human interaction that I pushed on another 40km to a small town called Chiltern. He insisted on shouting me dinner and a motel room for the night, but there was nothing available in Chiltern so I dismantled my bike, chucked it in the back of his car and we drove to South Albury (which is a much bigger town). Yes, I "cheated" and got driven 30km closer to my destination, but in the grand scheme of things I'd be silly not to accept the offer. 

We arrived in South Albury (which is technically just across the border and into New South Wales - woohoo!), ate some pasta for dinner and had an early night. Although today was the shortest distance I've travelled on this trip, it was by far the most difficult.

DAY 3 -
Benalla to Chiltern (79.6km)
Elevation gain: 402m
Average speed: 21.8km/h
Total distance travelled: 304.3km



DAY 4 - (rest day)

This morning I got out of bed and could barely walk to the bathroom. That was my body giving me a clear indicator that it needed a break, and considering I was in Albury with my dad I figured today was the perfect opportunity to take a rest day and let my knee recover.

My mum informed me that she had been calling community radio stations in all the towns that I would be passing through in the next few days, telling them my story and asking if they'd be interested in talking about my ride. To my surprise, I got 2 phone calls after breakfast and was being interviewed live on the air!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and doing some water walking in the pool. I also went down to the shops and made myself a DIY knee repair kit - including a brace, an ice pack, some "joint pain relief" supplements, lectric soda, Mim's Magic balm and a packet of Nurofen. If this doesn't fix me, I'm not sure what will. Topped the day off with some pizza and garlic bread in bed, now this is living!

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